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I am PIRMIN | Paolo Carlotto

I am first and foremost a music and sound lover, I have been into it for as long as I can remember.​I work as music composer and sound designer for trailers, media, short-films and videogames.My approach to creating music and sounds is constant experimentation that leads me to discover new, unconventional, ways to compose and design.​Under the name PIRMIN - my musical alias -  I am creating very different kinds of music, from epic orchestral soundtracks to intimate acoustic ballads; form electronic synth music to energetic rock songs. PIRMIN was born of the necessity, that I've always felt as a musician, to freely explore different genres and this freedom and versatility, this will to experiment, is what links all the tracks in this project.  ​Whatever your brief, music, sound, or audio mixing, feel free to get in touch. I look forward to hear from you!

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